Jan 12

Using Facebook Data, Algorithm Predicts Personality Better than Human Friends

From Slashdot…

Jan 12

KDE Frameworks 5.3 and Plasma 2.1 – First Impressions


Ken Vermette has done a write-up on his experience with the new KDE desktop encompassing Frameworks 5.3 and Plasma 2.1. For starters, some patience is still needed for apps to be ported to KF5, and most of them will be … Continue reading

Jan 07

Learn Gate-Array Programming in Python and Software-Defined Radio


Chris Testa KB2BMH taught a class on gate-array programming the SmartFusion chip, a Linux system and programmable gate-array on a single chip, using MyHDL, the Python Hardware Design Language to implement a software-defined radio transceiver. Watch all 4 sessions: 1, … Continue reading

Jan 07

Tips for Securing Your Secure Shell


As you may have heard, the NSA has had some success in cracking Secure Shell (SSH) connections. To respond to these risks, a guide written by Stribika tries to help you make your shell as robust as possible. The two … Continue reading

Jan 03

Red Hat Engineer Improves Math Performance in Glibc

A wonderful Whitepaper entitled "Worst Cases for Correct Rounding of the Elementary Functions in Double Precision" (PDF) has been released. This has prompted Siddhesh Poyarekar from Red Hat to take a professional look into the mathematical functions found in GlibC … Continue reading

Nov 17

How Is Reactive Different from Procedural Programming?

A recent post on Reactive Programming triggered discussions about what is and isn’t considered Reactive Logic. In fact, many have already discovered that Reactive Programming can help improve quality and transparency, reduce programming time and decrease maintenance. But for others, … Continue reading

Nov 14

JavaScript Conquers the Server – 5 Leading JavaScript Servers Compared

Peter Wayner

InfoWorld’s Peter Wayner test-drives five leading JavaScript servers and finds the results compelling though still a work-in-progress. ‘I enjoyed the challenge and stimulation of rethinking everything I know about the server, but I still found myself hesitant to push these … Continue reading

Nov 13

Graph Databases Powering the Internet of (Connected) Things

Graph Databases┬álike Neo4j are inherently built for managing the complex and growing web of connected data. Neo Technology has put together a few resources about the Internet (Graph) of Things, and what this connectivity means for the way we interact … Continue reading

Nov 13

13 Essential Programming Tools for the Mobile Web


Infoworld has an absolutely wonderful article up, entitled “13 Essential Programming Tools for the Mobile Web” (a must read for any [mobile] web developer!) It includes things like jQuery Mobile, ChocolateChip-UI, Mobl and many other languages, APIs & Frameworks that … Continue reading

Nov 11

Modern Component Design with Spring


Great presentation on SlideShare regarding Modern Component Design with Spring… Like this:Like Loading… Related: Overview of Dependency Injection in Spring Spring Integration: a new addition to the Spring portfolio | SpringSource Team Blog Spring Framework 4 on Java 8 Spring … Continue reading